Balls to the wall.

I’m kinda kicking ass. Which is strange because if I were to have written this earlier in the day I would have probably told you nothing was going right. I was sleepy and low energy all day. A typical human reaction to working too late the night before…and apparently I’m doing it again.

Oh well.

Tinkering with the tone in the wizard story I’m working on while listening to Coldplay most of the night has been a delight. I’m going over each line and strengthening where I need to. This story has definitely turned out slightly different than my initial thought, but the characters naturally went this way, so instead of fighting, I leaned into it.

Let’s not forget this writing thing should be fun. It’s never fun beating your head against an artificial wall.

I recorded a fun talk with Kendall Ashley earlier today. We talked about the articles she writes for Geek & Sundry and Nerdist, zombies ( of course), and shows we love. That episode will air on August 4th.

Update: Starting the last week in July Too Many Words goes from Mondays and Thursdays to just Thursday for right now. Unfortuenly I haven’t yet figured out how to clone myself or have developed any device that added hours to the day. (Which, I feel like someone should.) I have my hands in all sorts of exciting new writing projects, opportunities I wanted to be sure to grab. This meant that I needed to rearrange my schedule, which was making me nervous but a theme I keep going back to is, adjusting isn’t something to fear, it’s just life.

That’s a good note to leave off on, I think.

Till tomorrow night


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