Upcoming stories

Process. Brillant ideas. Self -deprecating analysis. Fraudulent feelings. Obsession. Delusions of grandeur. All elements of my creative process. Any of these familiar to you?

I feel fairly accurate when I say that I experience each of those things at least once a day. As a full-time writer (yes, I’m including podcasting in this) I’m always trying to refine my process, learn new tools, and try different techniques.

As far as my fiction goes, I’ve been writing mostly in the first person, but after six years of mostly focusing on the first person narrative,  I had begun to feel limited.  I’ve been more than ready to explore larger worlds and varriety with my storytelling.

I’m sure you’ve seen me mention or heard me talk about it on Too Many Words, but I have recently broken ground on a new fantasy novel which will be told in third person. As I build the world and the story arc, I’ve been trying out different skills with a multitude of short stories and continue to, especially now that I have begun co-writing an anthology with H.M. Jones titled ‘Meanwhile in Washington’

I recently finished a short story about two human slaves trying to break free from an alien compound. The peice is titled ‘Dislodged’ and I’m pretty excited about how it turned out. Over the course of the next four days I will be posting here in 4 parts. The first one will be up later today.

I hope you enjoy the upcoming story and I’d love to hear your feedback.



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