An Awesome Talk With Bonnie Burton

bonnie burton promo imageHappy 4th of July!

What do you have going on today? Hanging low? driving far? I’ll be sticking around the house recovering from the flu and eating all the awesome food my husband will be grilling up, then off to the city’s fireworks.

I have a really special episode of Too Many Words for you today. After I ramble about new projects, the books I’m currently reading, and different ways to think about writing, I have an awesomely fun chat with Bonnie Burton.

Bonnie Burton is the author of many books including Girls Against Girls and The Star Wars Craft Book. She is also a full-time journalist who writes for CNET and has written for many  other publications throughout the years.

Bonnie and I talk about empowering other women, her books, the cathartic nature of kneading bread, wrangling the writing process, working from home, the hustle, not caring what others think, muting trolls, self-care,  and late night Amazon Prime shopping. Bonnie and I also discuss our shared love of notebooks and The Gilmore Girls. Bonnie discusses her upcoming release ‘Crafting with Feminism’ and her plans to come back on Too Many Words in the fall after her new book releases.

I hope you enjoy! I had an awesome time talking to her.

Enjoy your 4th and be safe and kind.

A reminder that more pets get lost on the 4th of July than any other day, so make sure you check on your furry pals and also be aware of your neighboring pets.


-Until Next Time

Listen to Episode 21- As a Creator & As a Fan with Bonnie Burton on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play 


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