My Obsession

I have always been incredibly stubborn. At times, it works against me, and it takes turns maddening those who love me. But as I build my writing career I’ve decided it one my qualities I love most about myself.

When I’m told, I can’t do something it only makes me convinced that I will, in fact, do just that. I get surprises and setbacks and opportunities. All that is part of what I do, but I know as long I don’t stop writing and continue to improve and grow I’ll be fine.

This is a new feeling for me.

I have a strange relationship with ideas. I get flustered when I get one while I’m focusing on something else. But, in those moments when I just don’t have one, I panic, I feel miserable and obsessed with getting a spark of any kind.

Perhaps this is just my process.

I worry about all the different outcomes of any possible situation constantly.

Wishful thinking and hard work.

Denial and delusions of grandeur.

Either way, I suppose I’m on the trail.

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