Another Generic Monday Bit

I realize it’s possible that writing a post on Monday where I complain about how my Monday is going could be misunderstood as a reach or disingenuous. But, that couldn’t be any further from the truth.

The plan was for me to start the day editing ‘Not Without Sunshine’ before transitioning into work on this week’s Elliot chapter.

I have an article about getting to know your characters that I was planning on putting together for you folks today, but instead, I am worked up and underslept. For no substantive reason, I’m unsettled and having trouble focusing.

My Monday started last night. My husband and I were falling asleep watching a movie. Before retiring for the night, we let the dogs out one last time which led to the discovery that our washing machine with our son’s Gee for Tai Kwon Do class the next day, was overflowing and backing into the sink. I was proud I didn’t freak out, just like my husband didn’t freak out when his computer’s motherboard fried a little bit earlier in the day. No, we stayed calm, saved the Gee and talked about our options.

I made a joke right before my husband fell asleep about how it’s possible we have Yo-Kai in the house. In case, you don’t know Yo-Kai are spirits that cause mischief a lot like Gremlins. My son is obsessed. My husband fell asleep; my dogs started snoring, and there I was listening to the dryer hoping that the contents weren’t too soapy. Thoughts about creatures in the house causing trouble starting cycling through my head. Then the thought of my daughter’s doll walking down the hallway for some reason jumped into the forefront of my mind.

Yep, I was completely wide awake.

My night consisted of less than four hours of very light sleep. Sometimes sleep doesn’t come easily to me. I’ve been in a pretty good cycle recently but have suffered from long insomnia bouts on and off most of my life.

Like every morning, my dogs wake me up (usually before 7) to go outside. This morning started no different. Both boy dogs had their faces right in mine. I rolled over instead of getting right up. My one dog made one of his signature complaining noises and went downstairs. I reluctantly dragged my butt downstairs to find him lifting his leg and peeing on all of my shoes. Yes, all of them. Which, I have to say I’m shocked this particular dog even did that.
He had to go, and I blew him off.

The dog, of course, felt terrible. Jake is such a good dog and is such a pleaser. He was so upset that when he went outside, he didn’t want to come in. Jake clearly saw I was turning into a dragon.
I am not my best in the morning when I’ve had eight hours of sleep. Between the lack of sleep, my shoe dispair, and all my wacky hormones (because, yes, of course, it is also that time of the month) came together in a slendid show. There I was barely awake standing in my yard yelling at my dog to come in the house, waking up my family, and standing in boots filled with my dog’s urine.

Needless to say, my day and week isn’t getting off on the right foot so far and at the same time it is, because two really great news emails that I’ve been waiting for came in.

So, long story short, life happens, and it happens on its own without permission. I realize none of these are real problems, and we are well aware that we’ve needed a new laundry setup. Nothing has really happened, but because my overpriced shoe collection got covered in a gallon of pungent male dog pee and I’m worried I’m in for a weird sleep cycle phase I’ve decided to share all of this with you guys instead of my character post in a desperate attempt to regain focus. I guess you can expect the character post tomorrow.

One thing I have been trying to pay attention to is my gut when it comes to what I work on when. The whole reason behind having multiple projects is so I always have somewhere to focus my wordsmithing. There are times I make myself work on this one thing when my mind is on the other. I fight it because I like lists and control. I need to be the one driving and saying no. But doing that works against me. In the end, if I just listen to my mind’s focus and not try to micro-manage my own creative ability so much I end up accomplishing more. Life doesn’t always care that I wanted to wait until next month to buy the laundry machines.

I’m low on sleep, and my husband had to go buy me shoes, so I have shoes to wear. I appreciate that he’s my partner. I know I’m not always an easy one.

Well, I suppose the rant is over. Hopefully, I can focus on editing and crossing things off lists, so I can happily hum along in my small, little world again.

Thank you for listening.

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