Write backward and lean to the left

It can be hard to move forward when you don’t know where you are going. But, what happens when you know where you want to go but you can’t quite see the path there?

There have been moments where all my planning and ideas just take a pause. It honestly, surprises me every time. At first, I wasn’t sure why this was happening. I couldn’t quite get my characters smoothly from this one place to the other.

Staring at the blinking cursor and asking myself, “What happens next?” does obsoletely nothing.

My opinion?

It’s the small moments that make the story. The imperfect and real moments are the ones that cement relationships of any kind.

When something is lost, we trace our steps to find it.

When we know where we are doing but not how to get there, we write backward.

Moments line up closely and make memories. In a lot of ways, that is what a book is. A memory.

Say, I’m picturing a teenage girl standing near a willow tree in a silver moon pool on the planet Aerrytail. She’s been waiting for someone that’s she’s beginning to fear won’t be coming.

What happens right before that?

Writing backward rocks.
If you try it, let me know what you think.

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