Tone, something like perspective

What is the reader thinking?

This is something I ask myself a lot, especially during a content edit. I am currently knee-deep in one, and combing everything with a fine-tooth comb before I hand it back over.

I use to dread and fear this stage. Now, I count down the days until I get there. I don’t like riding in actual roller coasters, I don’t have the stomach for it, but novel-induced roller coasters, that’s something I ride with glee these days.

We have all have heard the saying, “Ride the waves.”

It’s easy to lean into the system of the water instead of fighting against it. Swimming in an ocean has similarities that leave breadcrumbs that could lead to writing a book.

As I child I spent my summers swimming in the ocean. The best part about living in North Jersey is being a little over an hour from an awesome beach. The food is another choice part about North Jersey. It’s crazy to think about how different it is there to where I live now in Seattle. I’ve been out here for close to eleven years now, which feels quite nuts. Setting my recent story in Jersey has been fun. A way to visit, I suppose.

I used up endless hours trying to swim against the current, and in a lot of ways, I feel like I’m doing that now as I build my writing career.

There is no path laid out. I need to carve that out for myself. I can get a sense of the groves in the land as I transverse the uneven and unknown landscape. There are moments I find myself craving direction, and proof that I’m on the right course. Eventually, I find that I can see that if I look in the right places.


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