Zombies and Global Warming: a modern society breakdown

  I’ve been thinking a lot about the end of the world. One of my current projects is building a fictional world so that I can destroy it. My hope is that my heroes have some pretty epic battles to fight for. I couldn’t possibly be having more fun working on this project. It is a passion project of sorts, an itch I’ve needed to scratch.

    I am utterly obsessed with the post-apocalyptic concept, so much so that I crave it in most of my media if not all of it. I’ve figured out three different possibilities that I work on regularly.

    I have spent countless hours of figuring out all the possible ways this could happen. My browser history ranges from environmental to extraterrestrial with pages and pages of illnesses between.

        All of it has left me with one question: What’s so appealing about modern society being destroyed?

Post-apocalyptic fiction is a fan favorite to consume right now. It only takes seconds for five different post-apocalyptic shows to pop in my head. Elementary schoolers play zombie tag.

    Visit any news outlet and you will have an assortment of horrible acts, political propaganda, and trends shoved down your throat the second you hit the home page. Modern society buzzes loudly and moves rapidly (and let’s face it, at an unsustainable pace.) Honestly, one doesn’t have to think that hard about how our current reality could break down. I think that plays a part as to why it is so consistently reached for entertainment. Perhaps the idea of our self-perpetuated internet bubbles collapsing is comforting, possibly appealing.


We are humans. Therefore, we are predators—something I believe we too often forget. There has been fiction entertainment surrounding the end of the world as early as 1805. Le Dernier Homme is noted as the first speculative fiction novel to depict the end of the world. I’m sure it goes back way further than that. Society is built and seems to have the pattern of falling apart. Over the many years, the causes have been anywhere from aliens to disease, to human decline. Natural disasters is also a common cause for the collapse of a modern society.


    In Final Fantasy Ten, which was released in 2001, an advanced civilization is threatened and destroyed by supernatural forces.

    The ideas of an unknown force coming and taking what’s ours is not really a fear without cause. Think how our country was founded, or the centuries of war that took place across the entire planet. The fact that there are beings or places we haven’t discovered yet is certainly possible. Isn’t that how America started?

    The idea and lure of the supernatural is very appealing. We as humans constantly seek new information. But there are some things we don’t have answers too. Death is a big one. We don’t know what happens after we die.

    Vampires, an undead being that feasts on the living, is a mythical creature that has been a presence in many ancient legends belonging to many cultures. In 1954, Richard Mathewson turned the horror genre on its head with a pandemic that caused vampiristic symptoms. The Walking Dead is a fan fiction among the television and comic book crowds. When it comes down to it, people are scared mostly of other people.

    As the world continues to grow more hectic, which I truly think it will, perhaps, we get closer to a drastic change in humanity’s future.

    Global warming is something quite real; it’s happening right now. I’m not convinced everyone releases exactly what that means. The last two decades of the 20th century have been the hottest in four hundred years. Polar ice caps continue to melt. The knowledge of environmentally friendly products and awareness is much more in the spotlight that it was even just ten years ago. That being said, how much can really be done? Emissions of carbon dioxide get pumped into the earth atmosphere on a daily basis. Greenhouse gases stay in the earth atmosphere for many years. As we continue to grow and change at an increasingly high rate, our already well-used environment continues to take hits.

Does that mean walls will be built around cities and electric will go out forever, not necessarily. Is it possible? Oh, definitely.

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