Monday Rambles.

Today seems quite full, and my mind is still slow. The rain is consistently coming down brightening the green everywhere. Spring in the Pacific Northwest is what I’d imagine spring in Neverland would be like. Otherworldly and magical.
I get insanely nervous and nauseous before writing something I’ve been backtracking, something I’ve been planning- a feeling I experience often, and now with podcasting. Every time before I record an interview or even just myself talking. I get excited tingling in my feet and a large pit in my stomach.
I think this sort of nervous excitement is part of what makes life so special.
I have a lot in the works this week writing-wise. The author and comedian Kelly Wilson is on Too Many Words this week. The first five episodes of Elliot Granger and The Clueless Brigade Podcast will Air on Saturday.
Both the second book in the Ruby Dawson Saga ‘ The Immensely Power’ and my contemporary YA Novel now titled ‘Not Without Sunshine’ are in the editing phases. I just got back Not Without Sunshine’ and have some changes I’ll start implementing today. My piece ‘Mermaids in Neverland: Our Culture of Hate’ was published in Feminine Collective Saturday, so definitely check that out.
What’s your week looking like? How’s your Monday so far?
-Until next time!


6 thoughts on “Monday Rambles.

  1. My Monday got off to a slow start due to having to check my sharing settings on my collection of social media outlets I use. After that, I sat down to work on my latest writing projects to find my motivation flagging a bit. Ugh, got to get it in gear…hehe.

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  2. I just shook of a Monday malaise, glassy eye ceiling gaze by stopping and having a cup of coffee and watching the news. Is that weird or what? I wish my energy level was somewhere above the two or 3% Mark. I do envy you young folks and all your talents.

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