A quick rant.

Sometimes I feel like everything I see is fuzzy. My scenes. My characters. Even my goals.

It’s hard to start working in the afternoon, but I’m doing it. I can’t be totally on every day, even though I wish I could. Like, really. The multitasking brain can certainly add to an overall hectic environment. It’s crazy when you think about how much perspective can actually control—now, that’s a deadly superpower in the wrong hands.

I’m having trouble not adding more projects. Between you and me I’m barely handling what I’m doing. Well, actually I’m pretty much rocking it. I’m so passionate about this, about what I’m doing—as we all know passion can be all encompassing.

Back to the balance. So far, I’m calling this a weird but a weird week.

Weird, now that’s an overused word.

Well, keep it short tonight. I have a long night of work after a busy day in the sun, attempting my best hat to enjoy the kids while they are home.

Look for Episode 6 of Too Many Words tomorrow. I have author Rebecca Clark on, and it is a good chat. Good times.

Well, until next time.


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