Migrating Podcasts & Outlining Stories

Sometimes my mind thinks too many thoughts at once, and when that happens, my chest starts to tighten up. Honestly, I’ve come a long way with my anxiety and have it much more under control than I used to, but there are moments when everything just feels too loud and too unorganized.

I rely on routines so heavily, that when my time gets thrown off, I feel totally bent out of shape.

This week is spring break from my kids, and I am attempting to adventure with them from morning until 3 and then switch to working mode while my husband handles the ship. Today is the first day rocking that way. I had snuck a little work task or three in during breakfast and then went and baked under the sun with kids and Bilbo. (I hope I get to a place with all three dogs where I can have them all out at the park at once) Anything worth it takes work.

Anyway, I didn’t quite put enough time between adventuring and working. I chose to start with the awful task of switching hosts for my podcast. Soundcloud isn’t working for me, or more importantly other hosts take advantage of everything iTunes has to offer, whereas Soundcloud is barely doing the trick. So, that’s what I’m doing.

Tinkering is part this gig, I know. I’m always trying to figure out a character or a site. I love it, but sometimes I just get really overwhelmed when I’m looking at information and trying to apply how I’m going to use it. I’m asking myself over and over in my head, “Migrate podcast, is that what I want to do?” Then, I did more reading. Different opinions started to cloud my motives. My chest started to tighten. My thought went to the fact this new routine isn’t going to work.

Well, this isn’t exactly a good way to get in the creative mood. I go to extremes with conclusions. I think this partly because I’m extremely hard on myself, but also, I’m working so hard that all my amps are maxed out. I’m hitting it hard; that is where I am in my career. Something needs to be adjusted; I came to the conclusion ( with help) last week that I needed to make sure I took time when I needed it. My family needs my focus too. I’m applying some new checklists within myself, making sure I’m managing things will balance.

It’s going okay.

Spring break is a testing that. I had a moment around 4 pm where I was close to having a tantrum, but I started writing this blog post while my feed migrates from Soundcloud to Blubrry.
Well, that it for now.
I have to some things to outline and others to draft. Stay tuned in for updates at the end of the week, as well as the fourth chapter of Elliot Granger & The Clueless Brigade. I have YA fantasy author. Rebecca Clark on Too Many Words the week.
Remember to click on the contest tab and enter to win a copy of The Highly Capable.

Until next time. Wish me luck, I’ll send some your way as well. Let’s have a good week.

I’m hoping my husband make chili dogs for dinner.


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