TWD: Frustrated as fan but understand as a writer

Okay, so the highly anticipated sixth season finale of The Walking Dead aired last night, and I’m both frustrated by the ending, but also knew I would be. Let’s not forget the farm or Terminus. We have to wait for our answers and power through our characters dying. It’s The Walking Dead.

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, know there are spoilers below.

Okay, you have been warned…

I’m not sure what I wanted last night’s episode to be, but it wasn’t quite what I was expecting. I was left wanting more, which of course was done by the creators on purpose. I won’t even begin to pretend to understand I can even come close to knowing what it’s like to write a hit television show, but I do know what it is like to write a series in a harsh setting. It isn’t easy, and character development can be tricky. Add that to a zombie-filled world, where people are expected to die. The death of characters are never taken lightly, and needed for realistic reasons but also for character development.

Season 6 has been one of the best seasons so far in my opinion, especially the last half. The B season was action packed from the first episode (which had one of the most gut-twisting death scenes on the show) until the week before the finale. Every episode gave me everything I went into wanting (aside from Daryl getting shot), but there was plenty of action, and our heroes seemed unstoppable as they plowed through some of Negan’s people.
Clearly they aren’t.

The entire finale was slow paced compared to the rest of the B season episodes. We weren’t reintroduced to Daryl’s group until the end. We followed two very slow moving but anxiety building story lines. One was Carol and Morgan’s journey trying to figure out death and killing and what it all means. While Morgan followed Carol around, ultimately saving her life, Rick and some of the others were trying to get Maggie to a doctor. That didn’t happen. Blocked road after blocked road finally made the group go by foot with Maggie on a stretcher until they were surrounded in the woods by Negan and hundreds of Saviors. It ended with Negan killing someone, but we don’t know who.
Some of us can assume it is the same as in the comic, but I’m not sure.
Was I frustrated?
Do I understand?
I’m not sure why people are saying that this episode was the last straw for them, and now they’re done with the show. I think some of the reviews are a little harsh. Maybe, they weren’t really fans to begin with, maybe their frustrations were too high, or maybe they are just mad.
Even though the episode wasn’t all that action packed, and clearly building up to what is going to be a very stressful season 7, it was still good.
As a writer, I think about how I’d handle some of the choices in plot and characters. It’s not easy, and the writers of The Walking Dead have a lot to juggle and a lot to think about it.
Do they know who is going to die in the Season 7 opener?
I was just editing the last few chapters of  ‘The Immesley Powerful’ which is book 2 of The Ruby Dawson Saga, a series I plan on writing for awhile. It is hard to know where to give my readers something to hold onto, and when to let them wait and wonder.
What do you guys think?
I’d love to hear what your thoughts on this season and the finale. Comment below!


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