Magic, Myths, and Mondays

I’ve decided to start loving Mondays.

A beginning of a story is what grabs me or loses me within the first twelve seconds. I need be obsessed immediately. As I think about it for more than a few breaths, I realize this is the case for almost everything. You either have me or you don’t. So why not create that kind of set up for each week? I have crazy plans, and expectations of myself regularly, I may as well hit it like I would a good book—especially considering I write books. I want to be one with my weeks. I’m attempting to achieve a lot I think it could help.

Do I believe in destiny?
Yes, I really think I do.
I need to believe that the world has real magic in it.
I mean, why does Harry Potter resonate and stay with so many people?

Because we all want to something to believe in. People can believe in Harry and his world.

Belief in some form or another is pumped down our throats as children.

I believe it’s partly because the world is a scary place. Coating the world in mysterious creatures that grant wishes in the night. Just because we aren’t children anymore doesn’t mean we don’t need that comfort—actually, it is quite the opposite in my opinion.

I know I do.
I need it.
Neverland. Hogwarts. Wonderland. The Shire.
We all need somewhere impossible to give us hope, to let us look at our own world in a safer way.

Hope is priceless, and without it, we are without a map. Pain is real. So is desire. We need to, as humans to cater to that to some extent in one form or another.
I think we need to live. I know I do, and think for awhile I’ve been afraid to.
Pain is painful, so it’s all too easy to get caught up with caution.
Being cautious is also good. I’m not saying be careless. All I’m reflecting on is to that listening to the heart is critical.

Well, I’ve got the first chapter of ‘Elliot Granger & The Clueless Brigade’ to outline. I’m excited about this addition to my blog. Every Friday there will be a new installment added to the story. I also have prep for the podcast. I’m gearing up for the second episode of my podcast.
By the way, an enormous thank you to everyone who subscribed to my podcast on iTunes. There has been so much support for the first epidote of ‘Too Many Words’ and I really appreciate it. Thank you.
Well, that’s it for now.
Until next time.
Thanks, for reading.


projects, dreams, and perspective

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about freedom. I don’t mean freedom in the sense of doing whatever I want whenever. I’m talking about allowing the mind to be itself.

Thoughts, I think, are one of those things that are not only taken for granted but are often misunderstood.

The power of ideas is great.

“Thinking: the talking of the soul with itself.” -Plato

Based on that, the idea of controlling thoughts concerns me. Whatever crosses the mind is important. Every raw sprout is there for a reason and has a path.

My week was pretty good and moderately unstressful—this is not something I habitually say. I’m used to letting out a huge sigh on Fridays and saying, “That was a long ass week.”

But, not this week.

Some of it, I suppose was perspective. Some weeks I schedule a week that makes sense and others or for the super human. Here’s hoping.

Last week I took all off, this week was light in the sense I didn’t have a crazy deadline I was using to motivate myself. I launched a podcast this week, and I’m super stoked about that. Having my own weekly podcast is something I’ve wanted to do for a crazy long time. The popularity bar next to the episode is completely full, so I’m excited.

Yeah, this was a good week.

I’ve been worldbuilding for a new project that has been in the back of my mind for weeks. I’m making myself wait one more week before starting it. Next week, I am starting a new serial on my blog. A new chapter will be posted every Friday. I’m excited for that as well. It is titled, Elliot Granger and the Clueless Brigade.

I love contemporary YA so much, and I’m looking forward to sharing this story with you guys.

Well, I could keep going, but I’m pretty ready to watch The Vikings. I was deliriously tired last night and couldn’t get very deep into it.

My last thought for the post is this: every possible is there. I truly believe this. It’s dangerous to think too quickly about something. First impressions can be hard to shake but don’t always show the whole picture.

That is completely real. It’s not always what it seems. The trouble with common expression is that they are often overvalued because of the frequency they are heard.

It couldn’t be any more true.  That like anything else, it’s based on the perspective of that who is seeing it.

Loss is real.

Laugher does heal.

I can see some things so clear, and others not to much.

Building a plot and living life, fine lines.

A path is something often misheard and overlooked.

Being open matters a great deal.


Well, that’s it for now.

Thanks for reading.

Until next time.





my first podcast episode

Hey, everyone!

I am super excited to share Episode 1 of Too Many Words. Writer, H.M. Jones, is on the show, and we talk about writing, our main characters, cosplay,  the end of the world and, of course, zombies. I had a lot of fun chatting with her.

Enjoy the show!

Look for new episodes on Thursdays!

Once the show is live in iTunes and Sticher I’ll post the links in the podcast section of my site.

a zombie by lunch time

I dislike spring ahead. My clock was fine before. My morning routine was solid. I’ve been so tired all day, for days. I’m part zombie until eight at night, and then bam I’m wide awake. I’ve been sort of working. I’ve gotten stuff done today, but I’ve done it lying on my side on the sofa, nursing cup of coffee after cup of coffee with littler return as I pet my dogs with the foot that hangs off the side.
I’m a fragile person. I’m quite small it doesn’t take much for me to run, but it does take a certain amount of food and sleep to maintain my moody disposition. If I don’t have at least six hours of sleep, I’m useless when I wake up and something from nightmares by dinner time. IWith the power outage spanning most of my Sunday and into Monday some food didn’t make it. I feel like my refrigerator should have held in more cold than it did. I’m constantly frustrated by my fridge. Such a sore spot that thing is. I don’t measure things very accurately which led to us having a refrigerator in front of our kitchen window for about a year until we got it fitted. By fitted I mean I handed my husband a saw and said have at it.

I need to go food shopping. I’m hungry and fairly picky. I’ve come to the conclusion recently, I prefer not to eat birds. I’ve done it enough, and I’m done.

When I’m tired and hungry I tend to dwell on how I’m waiting to hear back from agents. I don’t like being patient, and I want to hear things like, “Yes, I would love to represent you and your contemporary young adult novel that will definitely help other teens struggling with mental illness in their families and inside of themselves.”

I haven’t heard that yet, but I’m remaining optimistic. I’ve come to a theory recently that in order to keep it relatively together as I build my career as an author, is constantly be in my own ear about how awesome I am.

Writing full time can be very isolating so why not be the nicest co-worker to myself ever? After I finish writing this blogpost, I will tell myself it’s great, and I’m awesome. I call this drinking my own Kool-Aid. That’s sounds gross at first, but once you get past that initial reaction, you’ll agree with me.

It’s true, though, beating myself up doesn’t help my achieve my goals. So I keep at it, and keep going, knowing that I’ll be happy I did.

I need to work up the motivation to go Trader Joes, so I can eat something fun and healthy before I record my half of the podcast. Tonight I’m recording an interview with author, H.M. Jones for Too Many Words. I’m excited to chat with her.

Until next time.

Thanks for reading!


windstorms, birthday parties and post apocalyptic fantasies


I’m extremely tired today, but I don’t think I can really lay the claim on Daylight Savings, but maybe just add it to the long list.
This weekend went by lightening fast, and sleep was spotty. So, Saturday I felt sort of sick, not enough to take me out but enough to hinder my mood and sense of smell. My eyes kept doing this burning thing which was annoying. I squeezed in all my chores on Saturday afternoon once I finally dragged myself into it with pestering. I went food shopping, did laundry, general house cleaning that I don’t have time to do during the week, as well as get some things ready for my daughter’s birthday. Honestly, not the best Saturday I have ever put on the books, but not even close to worse. It was just kind of one of those nothing special kinda of days, but those are better than other options of days.

Yesterday, the big day my daughter had been highly anticipating since her last birthday. It feels good to put a successful birthday in the books. It was awesome from morning until night. It certainly had some bizarre moments, what with the crazy windstorm and the loss of power from two in the afternoon until five this morning. I found the power outage and server windstorm an interesting subplot to the day. The morning was a chill and relaxing morning. The rain was pouring down, but it didn’t strike me as anything. My daughter opened her presents from us and played for hours with her brother. The second half of the day was going to be crazy busy, so we made sure morning was the opposite. The early afternoon hit, and the sun came out. We all got ready to go the party. As we were driving there, we noticed a lot of houses without power and branches all over the road. Everything else in the area around the party place didn’t have power. We kept power until the very second the party ended. We went out for a big fancy dinner since we couldn’t cook, and I had made the cake the day before. It turns out birthday cake in the dark, especially when it’s Alice in Wonderland themed, works awesome.

This week I’m back to my normal working schedule, which is cool. The week mostly off turns out, was good for me just like I expected it might be. Other than the fact that I’m tired and could use another weekend, my thinking abilities feel recharged. I’m excited to work on the few things I have lined up next week. My first podcast episode will air this week. I’m pretty excited about it. Fellow YA Fantasy author, H.M. Jones will be on my show. I have wanted to do a Podcast for years. So, definitely look for that, the show is called Too Many Words. I’ll post it here as well as other podcast type places, and probably youtube, but I don’t know. I’ve been having fun playing around with doing book reviews on Youtube. It’s a fun way to share the books I like. I’m always reading, so yeah, good stuff. Tomorrow I will post my review for Me and Earl and The Dying Girl.

Today my primary focus is editing the new chapters for the beginning of The Immensely Powerful. They were the one’s I wrote while cooking spicy pork and rice. I inputted them this morning and am now fleshing them out and checking them, though I am doing it all very slowly, which ties into how I started this blog post. I’m tired, and I had a crazy weekend.

Back to yesterday, after the birthday girl went to sleep, my evening plans were to play WoW and then watch The Walking Dead, but since the power was off we sat by candlelight and drank hard cider and talked, then I zoned out while he played the guitar. While I was chilling out and listening to some acoustic tunes, I allowed my mind to go on a walk about. The first place it went was to the lack of electricity. The fact that humans are so adaptable can be the thing that works against us, I think. Of course, I’m saying this in the mindset of writing and building fantasy worlds. The restaurants fifteen minutes north of us were packed because everybody needs electricity, or most everyone needs it to make dinner now. It wouldn’t take long for chaos to ensue after a week without power in a large populated area. Okay, so hold onto that thought. Winter comes, and so does sickness. Anway, I suppose that’s another thing I’m tinkering with today. Playing with future worlds is fun, and I look forward to working more with them shortly, or possibly even right now.

Well, that’s it for now.
I have chapter editing to get back to. As well as avoiding all possible The Walking Dead spoilers until I watch it tonight.

Thanks for reading!
Until next time.