knowing my limits and when to keep pushing


I’m making my way through my Monday, but man, it is loaded with stuff. I’m in a funny place where I’m exhausted and working, or exhausted and thinking about work. Shutting my mind off hasn’t been something I can do easily.

I have a lot on my plate. I’m not complaining. It’s how I like it. I love it, actually, but sometimes I have to see what I have in front of me and say, “Okay now, no more.” I reached a point last week where all these lines I tossed out started coming back to me at once. At first glance, I want to jump on everything, but I had to slow down, look at everything carefully and decided what was worth my time and what could wait.

It’s hard for me to limit what I take on. I like to think I can do it all, but often I end up running myself into the ground. Well, I’d like to avoid that from happening. Falling apart is unpleasant and it takes more than a second to reconstruct myself. So, this week and last, I’m looking at what I’m doing really carefully and working in a way where I jump from thing to thing in a more organized and controlled fashion.

The thing with marathons is its best if you go about the pacing yourself approach. See, I like races better. I like to run as fast as I can for as long as I can. But as my career grows I have a responsibility not to burn out, mostly to myself and family who is dealing with having a wife and mother who works full time, which is new this year.

I find myself saying to them a lot lately, “Sorry, I’m trying my best.” I find changing expectations of myself is really helpful, but difficult to do realistically alot of the time.
If I can humbling say…I’m pretty good at it.

I’m still going to be spread thin, there is no magic answer to that, and truth be told I don’t want there to be. I want to continue to do it all, but I am going to do make a point to be aware of how I’m spending my time. This, I think will help with the blurred lines of my work and my hobbies, my down time, and my family time. Or at least, I can hope.

I have some prep work to do for my podcast. This week best-selling horror author, Robert Pruneda is going to be on ‘Too Many Words’. I’m super excited for that. ‘Elliot Granger and The Clueless Barcade’ will really, really be posted this Friday. I continue to do research for my new project and line edits for ‘The Immensely Powerful’. Maybe this week, ‘A Story Unwritten’ gets closer to having a home. Here is for hoping.

That’s it for now.

Until Next time.


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