looking for my rabbit

Inspiration and ideas, in my opinion, are everywhere. They aren’t always visible or assessable at that time, but they are there. I, of course, rely a lot on creativity. I need to be able to call upon it at will. This is sometimes possible, and other times I panic and clean house instead of producing words.

Something I didn’t realize early on in my career, and this is real, I didn’t understand why my first pass at concepts weren’t totally awesome the first time. This was hard for me to wrap my head around. I spent so much time longing to write a book, wanting to have something to add to the world’s library, I didn’t think about much how to get there. Not at first.

I’ve always been interested in writing stories. The pretend world is one I like. Fiction. We all seek in one form or another. Something made up to help us deal with our issues. This is a topic I cover in my podcast this week. I have fantasy author, K.M. Randall on Too Many Words. I’m excited to share it with you guys.Too Many Words will be up tomorrow. I’ll post a link here.

But, anyway, I was saying how the world needs fiction. I’m not saying this as a person who relies on people buying their fiction; I say this as a consumer. Escapes are needed. We all have different ones, but we all have them.

Everyone is so similar, all our needs are so basic, and most of our desires surround the mirroring goals. So many of ride solo boats in seas of the same kind. I also think social anxiety is something that affects everyone.

I often think of kindness, in the terms of how it as a spell that can be cast. I try to explain it to my kids this way.

This week is going according to plan, which means I don’t have much to complain about.

I’m going to do some prep to have K.M. Randall on the show. I will be recording with her in few.

Thanks for reading!



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