a zombie by lunch time

I dislike spring ahead. My clock was fine before. My morning routine was solid. I’ve been so tired all day, for days. I’m part zombie until eight at night, and then bam I’m wide awake. I’ve been sort of working. I’ve gotten stuff done today, but I’ve done it lying on my side on the sofa, nursing cup of coffee after cup of coffee with littler return as I pet my dogs with the foot that hangs off the side.
I’m a fragile person. I’m quite small it doesn’t take much for me to run, but it does take a certain amount of food and sleep to maintain my moody disposition. If I don’t have at least six hours of sleep, I’m useless when I wake up and something from nightmares by dinner time. IWith the power outage spanning most of my Sunday and into Monday some food didn’t make it. I feel like my refrigerator should have held in more cold than it did. I’m constantly frustrated by my fridge. Such a sore spot that thing is. I don’t measure things very accurately which led to us having a refrigerator in front of our kitchen window for about a year until we got it fitted. By fitted I mean I handed my husband a saw and said have at it.

I need to go food shopping. I’m hungry and fairly picky. I’ve come to the conclusion recently, I prefer not to eat birds. I’ve done it enough, and I’m done.

When I’m tired and hungry I tend to dwell on how I’m waiting to hear back from agents. I don’t like being patient, and I want to hear things like, “Yes, I would love to represent you and your contemporary young adult novel that will definitely help other teens struggling with mental illness in their families and inside of themselves.”

I haven’t heard that yet, but I’m remaining optimistic. I’ve come to a theory recently that in order to keep it relatively together as I build my career as an author, is constantly be in my own ear about how awesome I am.

Writing full time can be very isolating so why not be the nicest co-worker to myself ever? After I finish writing this blogpost, I will tell myself it’s great, and I’m awesome. I call this drinking my own Kool-Aid. That’s sounds gross at first, but once you get past that initial reaction, you’ll agree with me.

It’s true, though, beating myself up doesn’t help my achieve my goals. So I keep at it, and keep going, knowing that I’ll be happy I did.

I need to work up the motivation to go Trader Joes, so I can eat something fun and healthy before I record my half of the podcast. Tonight I’m recording an interview with author, H.M. Jones for Too Many Words. I’m excited to chat with her.

Until next time.

Thanks for reading!


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