windstorms, birthday parties and post apocalyptic fantasies


I’m extremely tired today, but I don’t think I can really lay the claim on Daylight Savings, but maybe just add it to the long list.
This weekend went by lightening fast, and sleep was spotty. So, Saturday I felt sort of sick, not enough to take me out but enough to hinder my mood and sense of smell. My eyes kept doing this burning thing which was annoying. I squeezed in all my chores on Saturday afternoon once I finally dragged myself into it with pestering. I went food shopping, did laundry, general house cleaning that I don’t have time to do during the week, as well as get some things ready for my daughter’s birthday. Honestly, not the best Saturday I have ever put on the books, but not even close to worse. It was just kind of one of those nothing special kinda of days, but those are better than other options of days.

Yesterday, the big day my daughter had been highly anticipating since her last birthday. It feels good to put a successful birthday in the books. It was awesome from morning until night. It certainly had some bizarre moments, what with the crazy windstorm and the loss of power from two in the afternoon until five this morning. I found the power outage and server windstorm an interesting subplot to the day. The morning was a chill and relaxing morning. The rain was pouring down, but it didn’t strike me as anything. My daughter opened her presents from us and played for hours with her brother. The second half of the day was going to be crazy busy, so we made sure morning was the opposite. The early afternoon hit, and the sun came out. We all got ready to go the party. As we were driving there, we noticed a lot of houses without power and branches all over the road. Everything else in the area around the party place didn’t have power. We kept power until the very second the party ended. We went out for a big fancy dinner since we couldn’t cook, and I had made the cake the day before. It turns out birthday cake in the dark, especially when it’s Alice in Wonderland themed, works awesome.

This week I’m back to my normal working schedule, which is cool. The week mostly off turns out, was good for me just like I expected it might be. Other than the fact that I’m tired and could use another weekend, my thinking abilities feel recharged. I’m excited to work on the few things I have lined up next week. My first podcast episode will air this week. I’m pretty excited about it. Fellow YA Fantasy author, H.M. Jones will be on my show. I have wanted to do a Podcast for years. So, definitely look for that, the show is called Too Many Words. I’ll post it here as well as other podcast type places, and probably youtube, but I don’t know. I’ve been having fun playing around with doing book reviews on Youtube. It’s a fun way to share the books I like. I’m always reading, so yeah, good stuff. Tomorrow I will post my review for Me and Earl and The Dying Girl.

Today my primary focus is editing the new chapters for the beginning of The Immensely Powerful. They were the one’s I wrote while cooking spicy pork and rice. I inputted them this morning and am now fleshing them out and checking them, though I am doing it all very slowly, which ties into how I started this blog post. I’m tired, and I had a crazy weekend.

Back to yesterday, after the birthday girl went to sleep, my evening plans were to play WoW and then watch The Walking Dead, but since the power was off we sat by candlelight and drank hard cider and talked, then I zoned out while he played the guitar. While I was chilling out and listening to some acoustic tunes, I allowed my mind to go on a walk about. The first place it went was to the lack of electricity. The fact that humans are so adaptable can be the thing that works against us, I think. Of course, I’m saying this in the mindset of writing and building fantasy worlds. The restaurants fifteen minutes north of us were packed because everybody needs electricity, or most everyone needs it to make dinner now. It wouldn’t take long for chaos to ensue after a week without power in a large populated area. Okay, so hold onto that thought. Winter comes, and so does sickness. Anway, I suppose that’s another thing I’m tinkering with today. Playing with future worlds is fun, and I look forward to working more with them shortly, or possibly even right now.

Well, that’s it for now.
I have chapter editing to get back to. As well as avoiding all possible The Walking Dead spoilers until I watch it tonight.

Thanks for reading!
Until next time.

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