cold coffee and blanket rejections

Honestly, my Monday has been one of those Mondays that gives the day itself a bad name.

It was no particular occurrence or series. It was just one of those days. They are bound to happen. Everyone experiences them. These facts will not stop me from ranting about this and that for about five hundred words.

I went to bed last night in a somewhat similar state of one of the extras wandering around in The Walking Dead last night. I fell asleep while attempting to play WOW, after watching an excellent episode of The Walking Dead— I can’t say a bad thing about it—anyway, I fell asleep and woke up to go to bed, all in about a ten-minute span of time. That was enough for me to go to bed groggy and out it.

I didn’t sleep well.

My youngest dog is about nine months old, and he still wake up before six every morning to go outside. Honestly, most mornings I love waking up before everyone else. Coffee and reading first thing in the morning has become one of my favorite daily routines. Yes, I realize it’s awesome that he wakes me and doesn’t go in the house—but, for whatever reason, some mornings getting woken up by a big paw slap and a whine, comes too soon. That was the case today. I didn’t want to get out of bed, and then I got out of bed and stubbed my toe. It was one of thing after another.

Not real, horrible things, just small annoyances I let get under my skin.


“I can’t help you anymore. You did this to yourself,” I said to Monday over a lukewarm cup of coffee earlier today.


Let me preface this with I’m not complaining. I am well aware of the fact that blanket rejection letters are part of my gig. I don’t find them offensive, and my feelings don’t get hurt. After five in one inbox before noon on a Monday, I’m going to be frustrated—not with agents themselves just with waiting and wanting.

I dislike waiting and enjoy control over all things. That being said I’m more or less reasonable once I’ve had my coffee and at the foundation I totally understand.

Everyone I believe is comprised of the rational version and irrational version of ourselves. This usually results in a varied person, but not always. Inside the same realm of thinking, we as people occasionally suffer from a state or states brought to us by the irrational side.

My off day was indefinitely within my control.

I’ve been shopping around a contemporary young adult novel. I’m super excited to get this book out there. Writing it was quite an interesting journey. The story itself deals a lot with mental illness and growing up. The uncertainty of life is something that fascinates me. I like to think about it while I stare out the window while clutching a mug.

I wouldn’t say I have this week off totally, but it is leaps beyond more low key around here than it was been. I have purposely given myself a light week. Between hitting two major milestones on two different projects and my kids barely having school this week, it seemed like a good idea to ease off the gas. I don’t really like taking it easy on myself. It’s not something that comes naturally to me.  So, I’ve come to the conclusion that taking the day off probably contributed to my grumpiness.

That is about it for now. I have a ninety level warrior to make so I can chill with my husband in Draenor before Better Call Saul comes on.

I suppose it’s all good now.

Till next time.


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