wrapping up my week on a high note

I’m writing this as I do a take over for a meet the author event on Facebook, and record my first whack at a podcast. This list of things I just rattled out to you speaks a lot to what my days and nights have consisted of lately.

I’m Queen of juggling projects. So much so, that, I’m constantly writing down new ways to optimize my methods of multitasking. I’m serious. I will write down something along the lines of, write down ideas on how to work quicker, or make a note that this one song after walking helped me dive right into it. Gosh, half the time I feel crazy. That’s usually when I start worrying about every single thing I’ve written, ever. It works well for me to jump, from one project to the next. Focusing on one thing for a very long time doesn’t always work out. I find that diving into one project when I hit the wall with a different one is an excellent way to create a lot of content. It works out that I despise being bored. Sure, sometimes I feel like screaming or chewing on my hair. But, it does work. And, I feel like they are good signs.

The dangerous thing that I learned about myself not too long ago was the tremendous amount of work I could get done in a very small amount of time. Now granted, pretty much all I just did there was through around relative terms like it’s my job, well, I guess it kind is. Anyway, I’m getting away from myself here. I had a point.

I’m pretty sure I did.

Oh right, my multiple projects.

If you one of those that pay attention to my daily muttering and such, you are probably well aware of the projects I have going on. But, both of the books I’ve been working on obsessing and compulsively over that several months are both entering different stages closer and closer to the finish line.

I’m pretty jazzed about both of my projects. The one is the second in The Ruby Dawson Saga, The Immensely Powerful. There are some crazy things in store of Ruby. Ruby goes through a lot of interesting changes in book 2. I had fun taking advantage of developing some characters more in this installment. I tried to pull off some crazy stuff to completely honest. So, yeah, there is that to look forward to. That project is entering the editing stage.

Now, I have also been tinkering away with contemporary YA novel. It was originally a serial I ran on my blog a while back, Cheese Makes Me Nervous. To clarify not this blog. I had on a blog running for a while on Tumblr.com before The Scribbler. I completed the first draft of that project, titled, A Story Unwritten during NanoWriMo2015. After spending the last chunk of weeks responding to content idea changes, and it is again off to the next phase of its journey.

I’m taking a slight, not a complete vacation, but some smooth riding for the next ten days, or so, before starting on a yet anything crazy scheme of mine. So, that is another thing to look forward to.

So I guess, to say it in a few words. Things are going well.

I think I’m going to decompress and enjoy my week of triumph while catching up on the latest Vikings. It’s an entertaining show.

Well, until next time.

Jayme, signing off.

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