Emo, Zombies, and Progress

Hey, all.

I’m listening to Hawthorne Heights as I write this. I have been finding myself reflecting on the progress I’m making in my career a lot lately. As I gear up to work on this coming of age novel, I put together a playlist. Emo music took over my adolesces, so naturally I’m adding quite a few choice emo tracks to the mix. Listening to Ohio is For Lovers by Hawthrone Heights was an interagent part of the commute during my freshman year in community college at age sixteen. I wrote my first novel during that period. I was finding it incredibly difficult to study when all I wanted to do was write—not for the first time.

The last few days have been somewhat eventful and fun here on my end. On Friday, I officially submitted book 2 of The Ruby Dawson Saga, The Immensely Powerful, to my publisher. Editing will kick off in a few weeks, and I’m very excited to move forward with this project. I’m jubilant with how the story and characters are turning out. I’m excited to share the challenges that are ahead of Ruby and company with everyone.

Parts of The Immensely Powerful were very challenging, which I happen to love. I much rather be challenged than bored—but still there were some moments of mass chocolate consumption and hair chewing. Once or twice I may have put on my dramatic hat, and claimed all was lost, but never-the-less I’m feeling optimistic about the whole project.

The last month of writing the book was especially challenging for two reasons. One, because there were moments where I patted myself on the back for several ideas and a few string of chapters. Then, there were moments where I found myself blind with my head against a figurative—and, sometimes not so figurative—wall. The transition between the two was non-existent and constantly catching me by surprise. I’m extremely emotionally attached to Ruby, and creating her, and her world is something that can cause me to get a little bit strange as I handle Ruby and her messes.

The second reason being, I’ve been really excited for my other endeavors that March was bringing. The closer March became, the more I found my mind trailing over to this and that. Now, of course, today when I can focus my attention on these things, my mind is going back and worrying about Ruby.

March is bringing some exciting stuff with it. I just got ‘A Story Unwritten’ back to me with some content changes in the comments, so I’ll be tightening that up before it hits the next stage. I originally wrote The Story Unwritten (working title) during NanoWriMo2015. I have a few structural and character tweaks to make. I’ve been chomping at the bit.

That’s it for me, for now. I have to watch The Walking Dead so I can tune back into social media. It was an early night to bed for me last night. The weekend of celebrating my triumph, and actually reaching the ability to claim the triumph, made sleeping over that last several weeks a bit light.
I can no longer wait to find out what happens. I love the show so much.
Till next time.
Thanks for reading.

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