Doing What It Takes

“A person is a fool to become a writer. His only compensation is absolute freedom. He has no master except his soul, and that, I’m sure, is why he does it.” – Roald Dahl 

I had a rather productive day; more than most actually, though I thrive to be this productive creatively, every day. I’m nearing the end of working on book two of The Ruby Dawson Saga. I’ve been slaving away on getting it ready to send off next week. There is something exciting and nerve-wracking about knowing the words I’ve been stringing together over the last several months is going to be into someone else’s’ hands and subject to their opinions.

But, that is, of course, part the gig. Writing for a living is a bittersweet roller coaster filled with a mix of days ranging from; self-deprecating frustration to celebration and delusions of grandeur.

I needed to make a big push today, and I did everything I needed to do, and for that I’m jazzed. Lately, I feel like I’ve been walking a tightrope of anticipation. I’ve been tossing all these figurative balls in the air—all toward improving my career. For awhile now I’ve been busy adding this and that onto my todo list, all hoping it will amount to something. Now, I can sense it. I feel that I’m close to achieving my next big goals. Now I’m not exactly a patient person by nature, waiting for things—especially things I’m actively working on—is not an easy feat to me. When I want something, I want it now.

I’ve some managed to take the perspective one needs to make fairy houses sincerely and attribute it to how I earn a living.

That sentence: make a living causes indigestion. Anytime I read or watch something that brings out an urge to go there or enjoy more of it; I’m reminded why I do what I do. I love to enjoy stories. I thrive in a world where I’m creating them. The feeling I get when I’m introduced to a character that takes my breath away is one of my favorite. The tense spine I get from not knowing whether or not they are going to be okay, keeps me turning the page. The same goes for when I’m writing. I enjoy the creation just like I would reading a story for the first time.

It may sound silly worded this way, but, I believe in books and contributing to that world is what I do. It’s a grind at times, but always something I love.



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