Writing to Find a Door

Recently I’ve been experimenting with news ways to jump into different creative modes. I have been needing to up my game on routes into several worlds now that I’m juggling multiple complex projects. Playlists by themselves became not enough. One thing that has absolutely been working for me is warm up poetry as I think about the next scene or chapter I’m about to sink my teeth into. I thought I share my recent warm up that I used to get ready for a chapter in book 2 of the Ruby Dawson Saga, The Immensely Powerful.

Cut and dry
Right to the point
Lies slow you down
The rain falls
On the scene
beneath the fear to grieve
I will stop at nothing
Eyes look in an agreement
an understanding
an air of similar pain

no words are needed
but, still they come
an understand
a proper way
empty handshakes
swollen tales
infected promises

an interest
a connection
there is a story here

“I could feel the interest in their interaction. I”ll have to practice something I don’t often. Trust.”

The three ran off into the night.

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