lie in wait

I close my eyes to visualize her strawberry hair swaying in the summer breeze in large, loose circles. Green eyes that show first the delight in her stride. With a closer more careful inspection sadness lurks in the background. The weights we all carry, contribute to our depth as people, as individuals.

Why judge those for what we do?

Her story-lined eyes settle on me now. Her thin lips curve into a warm and welcoming smile—a gesture I look for more than the kind words she speaks to me—yes, she certainly has those.

As I get closer, her smile grows which seems impossible, but it happens. Warmth and love poured from her. When I was around her, I felt like a treasure—a gift she’s waited a long time for.

When I think of summer, I smell possibilities and taste sweet. The sun’s warmth, a gift she’s given me.

There are no secrets or insecurities. Only honest friendship.

Flowers grow in mixed patterns around weeds, but some stay tall and strong. The essence of the flowers turns the garden into a ballad that any queen would abdicate her throne for.

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