Only You

Found a home inside my chest
Vines strangle each rib,
Where the hopeful become the haunted.
All flawless,
Each petal a landscape
A universe to each
A perspective alien to everyone else but me.
Solitary in my cage
You brought me hope
An agreement
Arranged sustenance
The outlines of branches
The Clues in the stars
It was all there.
Dark came too quickly.
Ripped from the ground
Stripped of all its life
A rawness swells in the vulnerability
I miss you

The waves crash into my fear
Blind light quickly follows
Then nothing
Nothing but a blank canvas
Everything erased

Impossible stones falling
Rain washed over truths
I wail
I yell
There is home under the largest tree
Stories are the only proof
Deaf Ears
Wings aren’t given to the weak
We know how hard you fought
A choice made no one but the moon, who calls command to all
Fall Apart
Stand tall
Warmth wraps around you
Make me believe
Impossible seeds
Lay in the shallow soil
A flicker
So much longing.
One day again
Thread around my toes.

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