Greed World: An Unlikely Companion

Jeremy, Kaya, and I make our way quietly along the bridge under the awning. An awful feeling settled in my stomach. Somebody was tracking us; I could just feel it. My eyes wandered over to Jeremy. He looked so much older and harder than I remember him. He and my brother in their baseball uniforms with rosy, proud cheeks flash in my mind causing the hole inside of me to widen and ache.
“We knew each other when we were kids,” I whispered. “How do I know I can trust you?”
Kaya’s side grazed my leg as we walked. She senses what I did. Something was wrong, and we were in immediate danger.
One thing I learned in world full of darkness was what it felt like when someone was watching. Those who see first have the upper hand.
“I guess you don’t, but I’d like to think you could,” Jeremy said in a matter of fact tone that brought me back again to when we were kids. When the world was different.
“I know a place we can hide out for the night, but tomorrow we should split ways.” I ducked into the first alley off the bridge. The wind rustled my hair causing goose bumps to blanket my skin.
The hair between Kaya’s shoulders puffs out as she curls her lips with a growl.
Jeremy grabs onto my hand briefly, then lets it drop.
There is deep, throaty chuckle behind us.
I turn around to find a man with wide-set shoulders in red and gray armor. His beady, soulless eyes gleam with delight as he looks me over.
My stomach twists.
Kaya flexes her haunches, permitting a single warning growl.
“Traveling with a dog? You’re my kinda girl.” He looks at me with hungry eyes.
“Keep moving,” Jeremy warns, he slid a sword out from behind his back.
I hadn’t noticed he was carrying one.
“Or what pretty boy?” The raider’s eyes widen with anticipation of tearing us apart.
“Fall Down,” I yell.
Kaya runs between the raider’s legs. He turns to look where she’s going without realizing it.
Human nature is what is killing us all.
I pull the knife from my side and dug it into his throat.
Kaya falls back to my side.
“Shall we keep going?” I ask Jeremy, smiling as his wide eyes look at me with amazement.
“I’m impressed Chloe.” Hearing my name spoken, the name my parents gave me brings a wave of desperate sorrow over me.
I have to ask.
“Have you seen my brother?”
“Not since the summer.”
It was nearly winter now.
“But you have seen him since the city fell?”
My heart drops.
“We traveled together for awhile. He came and found me after your house got taken.”
“I had a feeling he made it out. Did he say anything about my parents?”
“They didn’t make it out of the house.” Jeremy’s voice was soft now.
I shake my head, in hopes of knowing all these unwanted thoughts out of my head. I give Kaya a pat on the head.
I point to a large black building. “There should be some good spots up in the building for us to stay the night. Tomorrow we go separate ways.”

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