Two Years Earlier


Some moments are quicker than others. Five seconds can be the difference between carrying on down the same path and taking a sharp left turn blindfolded.

It was a Tuesday. Rain had been pouring down for the third straight day. It also happened to be my sixteenth birthday. It felt more like the day was making how long I’ve been on the street than actually celebrating my life. It was exactly two years since my mom took off. As a little girl, my ability to move objects with my mind was only a secret, my dad took to his grave. But, I’m certain I wouldn’t have been able to survive on the streets by myself without my telekinesis. I can take what I need without putting myself in real harm. Up close I’m not a fighter. I don’t care for violence, but I take some and I help when I see something I can do. I was always able to get collect enough from other people’s pockets to eat pretty well and keep myself in some clothes. Unfortunately, I hadn’t been able to hold a place for very long.

Living in the shadows means I exist somewhere slightly different than most. It’s difficult to find others when traveling in the dark. Loneliness, was part of the curse, part of my story. I had taken the last bite of chocolate cupcake I bought for myself, then tossed the wax paper wrapper in the trash can next to a sculpture of a large pig covered in pictures of tiny wings.

As I made my way down the low-lit market stairs, heading to the waterfront, I heard hurried and muffled voices coming from the bottom of the stairwell. I continued, but I had slowed down considerably.

The shadows of three figures cast themselves on the stairs as I got closer to the bottom.

I saw the girl first. She was a little older than me and had straight dark, black hair and pale skin. Her large, red lips curled into a scowl. Her face was inches from a guys face in seconds. He took a step back. His blond covered his eyes.

“I won’t let it happen again, but we all know the power is shifting. There was too many of us under Blake.” He said this continuing to step away.

Another male took a step closer to the two. His muscles were massive and unnatural looking. “We’re being watched closely,” was all he said. Then he looked at his heigh-high boot wearing co-pilot and said, “We should roll, now,” the body builder growled.

She nodded with unmoving hair.

I stayed tucked against the wall. As they walked away, leaving the blond by himself. He dusted off his pants, then quickly and nervously ran his hands through his hair. He seemed to be waiting for something. I pressed my back firmly against the wall, doing my best intimidation of being part of the darkness. The guy pulled his gray hood up as he gave a quick glance around him. Just like that, he started to fade like a failing television set. I squinted my eyes trying my hardest to understand what I was seeing, but he did intact continue to fade away until he had completely disappeared. Suddenly, a wave washed over me. The possibly of others’ like me hadn’t occurred to me. I had to fight out more.

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