The Last of November

It seems that the end of the year has snuck up on me again. Thanksgiving has come and gone, and Christmas is staring me in the face, and then the beginning of a new year behind it. I released that the holiday season always sneaks up on me because the fall is always terribly busy. This allowed for a short pondering about seasonal patterns. In January and February, I’m almost always have one new major project starting. This thought got me thinking. The calendar year in a lot of ways operates similarly to a five point story arc.
I am embarking on editing my first draft, of NanoWriMo project, A Story Unwritten and outlining Ruby Dawson saga book 2. I’m tackling those projects as well as touring for The Highly Capable release and continuing work on my shorter pieces for submissions and my own blog. As I was writing out my goals for December and listening to a Spotify playlist, I had made while writing A Story Unwritten (click here to listen if you want). Dreams to Remember by Ottis Redding came on and a memory of me, reading Keeping the Moon by Sarah Dessen and listening to that very song. I was fifteen and embarking on my very first attempt at writing a novel. Sarah Dessen is one of my favorite authors, and I consider her as one of my influences. Dialogue is very important to me. It is my favorite to write and to read. Sarah Dessen has a knack for dialogue in this realistic yet beautifully understated way that I just adore.
Now, this cycle of thought eventually led me to remember the list I wrote before my seventeenth birthday. (I had gotten my GED at sixteen and was in my third semester at Bergen Community College.) I was chomping at the bit to travel with the stars. I wrote down a list (one of my first like this) of future goals. My number one goal on the list is to be a New York Times Bestselling Author by age 30. I have one year and two months to make this happen. I have had my foot to the peddle for a good bit. I’m feeling good about my part making that goal happen.

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