ripping it off like a band-aid

I can’t tell whether or not I’m kicking Nano’s butt, or if it’s kicking mine. I’m learning a whole lot about the process from a different perspective, but I’m starting to feel a little weary here at 36,100 words.
Perhaps a note I’ll make for next year, is to write a comedy. I am just past a heart-wrenching midpoint to a story I’m turning out to be quite proud of. I am having fun with the pace even though it’s starting to feel grueling. Especially with a personal end date of the 25th.
Holidays are coming. I plan on enjoying them with time off to spend with family. But, at the moment, I’m here dealing with the after effects of my midpoint to deal with for about another twenty thousand words.
A sidenote, I think that I have made the best playlist ever.Click Here to Listen to the music I’ve writing my NanoWriMo project, A Story Unwritten to.

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