Wanting More

Once the door closed, it was very obviously just Benny and me. We started walking. It wasn’t that it was awkward, though it was slight, something was just clearly different. We both saw the difference, and we both knew each other saw the difference..so in that way it was a little award I suppose. It wasn’t a bad awkward, at all. Nothing about walking down our shared hallways was bad. And as we stepped outside, things had already started to feel more relaxed.
“Thanks for letting me tag along,” Benny said, his hands were in his pockets as we walked up the hill toward the park. The beautiful weather had been with us all week, and it was letting us know that nice weather was coming, that change was even closer than it was yesterday. I looked at Benny. It was hard to ignore how gorgeous he was. Honestly, it was almost unfair how much so. I was beginning to fear him because it had started to look like he was something I was going to have to recover from.
“Of course,” I said this with more I wanted to say on my tongue.
Somehow sensing this Benny said with a soft voice, “So, we don’t need to get in a long thing about it. I’m pretty sure neither of us likes those.” I pushed his hair down with his hand. “This weekend we are friends who are jumping out of a plane together, with other friends. We can take it day by day, ya know?” He looked at me, with a smile.
“Good plan,” I said feeling both relieved and oddly disappointed. But, as I told him it was a good plan.

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