Together We Can

We grabbed each others hand. My heart was pounding in my chest. The wind was moving faster on the cliffs. Our brown and strawberry blonde hair danced together in circles as water smacked against the rocks, way too many feet below us.
“Are you ready?” Stevie asked. Her green eyes sparkled. She was so excited looked wild.
“My nerves are very present,” I said. Straight down was cold, rather fast moving water. I was a strong swimmer; it was the jumping for twenty feet first I was nervous about it. “….But a list is a list.”
“It is on the list!” She squealed. “Let’s count.”
“Let’s jump on ten.”
“Ten? No way! How about three?”
“Five,” I said, my voiced wavered, “That is as low as I’ m going.”
“Fine, but we jump on five.”
Stevie’s hand tightened around mine. “One. Two,” we began in unison, “Three. Four.” This time, it was my hand that was getting a tighter grasp.
“Five!” We yelled as we ran and jumped off the side of the cliff. Cold air pulled at our skin. I felt so incredibly alive, and every part of me was scared. We fell toward the unknown water. I let go of Stevie’s hand and pulled in a really deep, last-minute breath. Freezing cold water caught us, swallowing us whole. A cold shock slammed through my body. I hustled up to the surface. My heart was racing as I pushed my head out. Fresh air stung my lungs. I cast my eyes, waiting for Stevie. We hit the water at the same time. It only takes a second for worry to find a place at the center of my mind. She’s a major part of my world.
Of course, Stevie popped up, her strawberry blond hair stuck flat to her back. Her eyes were glowing with excitement. I never needed to ask Stevie how she was feeling. Her eyes always said it all. “We rocked that!” She yelled.
“Yes, we did!” I yelled back. “I’m freezing! Let’s swim back.”
“Let’s party!” She squealed. Stevie broke out in a breast stroke. I followed. Giant evergreen trees and colorful cliffs hugged The Sound. Freezing cold, salty smelling water started to overwhelm me. Patches of brown stood among the outline of dark greens. Like every other time we completed something off of our crazy list, I felt accomplished. I felt brave.

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