Sam and Stevie’s List of Things to do Before Everything Changes

  1. Camp in the middle of winter.
  2. Go Paddleboarding on The Sound.
  3. Doughnut Eating Contest
  4. A race through downtown in pajamas
  5. A solid 24 hour Vampire Movie Marathon
  6. Swim across Lake Union
  7. Paint silly portraits of each other
  8. Eat all 28 flavors of Cream Shoppe’s ice creams in one sitting
  9. Go cliff diving weekend away
  10. Get Jobs to save spending money. (together would be best)
  11. Get best friend tattoos (still need to agree on what that will be)
  12. Rolling blading around Green Lake with glow bands at night while listening to really bad pop music
  13. Make high school scrapbook
  14. Create a soundtrack of their senior year for the trip east
  15. A  ten-mile low-tide walk 
  16. A weekend in Leavenworth as a group
  17. A tourist day downtown
  18. Parachuting out of an airplane
  19. Try every pizza on the menu
  20. Stay up 48 straight hours
  21. Have a packing party

Character work is my favorite kind, and that is my focus as I work on my project for NanoWriMo this year. I am spending November walking with my characters, and I’m enjoying every moment of it.

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