Twitter In My Creative Tool Belt

Existing in both reality and the fiction worlds I create can be challenging. To find the paths between both worlds isn’t always an easy feat. Along the way, I pick up tricks and clues. Lately, I’ve taken to using Twitter to warm up creatively, and quite frankly, it’s awesome.

I play some tunes and just tweet for about five minutes. Random fiction thoughts after another; sometimes the ideas are connected and sometimes they aren’t. pink-976122_1280 It started getting easier to guide myself to the fictional worlds I need to get to; it is now the first thing I do when I sit down on my sofa-desk to write; after I walk my dogs and right before I write the day’s blog post. As soon as I started thinking about the process of getting into my creative mode like it was transportation to an office, a brand new world opened up to me…and it was a fun one.

It’s a lot of fun to let my creative flow happen live on Twitter like that, something about the social aspect of it adds to the power up of free-flow writing. To share creative thoughts in such a raw but acceptable state that get’s me ready to sink my teeth into deeper projects. I am getting more and more interested in exploring different ways to reach out and start collaborative storytelling. I want to figure more ways for writers at all stages of their careers and hobbies to connect their ideas with others.

I don’t know; perhaps it’s inspiration from being part of the NaNoWriMo community this year, but I’m fairly focused on collaborative storytelling and strengthening the creative process.

Please share any ideas you have, and stay tuned for more about it.

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