Leaning into Plot Points

Certain things happen in life (a lot like a plot point in a story) that set a series of events in motion that changes everything. Sometimes these altering events happen in the background. Something happens which causes an interruption in the current reality. But, ultimately the new turns to familiar and the cycle begins all over again.

Like plot points, life-altering moments can happen at any time in the story, and the amount of them varies. It can be extremely helpful to take what I know about story structure and apply it to life during a time that I find myself in a plot point of my own. (If I am capable of recognizing it.) I don’t always find the signs visible. SometimesI don’t realize a significant event is taking place until I’m catching my breath after the fact.

This time, I knew it was coming. I didn’t know when but I knew it would happen sooner than it should. And even as I rode the waves of processing this, I still didn’t truly understand the impact once it all imploded.

I saw it all so clearly on a ship of similar sailors. It dawned on me what I should take from all this: Every moment is important and can never be taken back or perfectly duplicated.

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