The Paper Trail

The other day when I was at the gym, I overheard these two women talking about this guy who just won the lottery. It turns out this guy had gambled the winnings away in a weekend.

“Squandering a one of a kind opportunity is a hard thing to come back from,” the woman on left treadmill said. She was wearing a matching dark gray and purple set. The definition in her arms suggested she spent a lot of time working out. I could tell when I looked in her eyes that it was because she was nervous.

“His life could have gotten better, ” the other woman said. She was wearing men sweat pants and a large band shirt. She continued, “It’s sad to say that money makes life easier, but it does. But, not necessarily because you can buy whatever you want but because that’s one less thing that needs to be worried about.”

They carried on this way, about this guy and his mistakes, and then all the sudden another woman comes storming into the gym. This woman had clearly been crying. Her hair was at least unbrushed for two days. Everyone looked up. There was no choice.  Now, the woman with the fancy workout outfit looked right at the woman; her face drained of all its color.

Crazed-had-been crying lady yells, “You did it. I can’t believe you did it!”

The weak one gets off the treadmill with her eyes locked on the site in front of her. I was cycling through my head, trying to figure out what “it” was.

“Just, please leave.” The jogging suit said, now off the treadmill.

“You gambled it all way. What about the kids? Did you even think?”

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