Imperfect Moments

I stepped onto the front porch. Logan closed the door behind us; his eyes stayed on his feet. He is holding his shoulders higher and more forward than usual. He’s mad. His dark brown eyes found mine.

“You have this life that I don’t fit into,” he said finally.

“I don’t remember seeing you try to fit into it,” I answer him. The night sky is darker than usual. The clouds that blocked the sun all day hung around to block the moon. A damp breeze takes my hair up into its grasp, then let go as quickly as it held on.

“Are you cheating on me with him?” Logan gestured his chin toward the house.

“I don’t know what’s going on between Adam and me,” I say honestly. Lying at this point in our relationship doesn’t have any rational backing.

“…But, it is something,” his voice trailed off.

I shrug. “Nothing’s happened.”

“I’m gonna go Molly.” Logan’s eyes squinted down into straight lines.

“Are we done?” I ask.

“I think, this a stopping point for us. I’m sorry. I wanted to be here for you, but it’s more than I signed up for.”

“I get it. We aren’t in that kind of relationship. You and I were never going to last forever,”

“I suppose not.” He reached out to touch my arm, then stopped himself. My heart. Unfortunately, we are all just human—guaranteed imperfect.

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