Thirty Years in the Wrong Future

“I think some people believe that everything has an end.” Eli looked away as he slid his hands into his back pockets. “I’m not sure if I do or not…I don’t even know if I want an end.”

“Why should we think about something we have no control of?” I said this with instant regret. He was finally talking to me again.

“Because if we don’t think about it, we won’t be at all prepared for it,” he answered not seeming offended by my question in the slightest.

“Is it something that we can prepare for?” I crossed my arms, feeling uncertain why I was still standing there.

Just as I started to muster the strength to turn my body away, he spoke again, “If we go together, I think it’ll be best.” His voice was only a whisper.

“Okay,” I said. Our hands grabbed each other. Lights began to dim around us. My toes started to tingle.

“How much longer, do you think?” I asked him. Suddenly, I felt uncertain and ill-prepared.

“Hard to say,” he said tightening his grasp on my hand.

I rested my head on his shoulder. “I guess we’ll wait a little longer.”

“We’ll wait until it comes,” he whispered.

We continued to sit there, hand and hand until finally it came, and just like that, everything was different.

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