Reflection, Proper Bridges, and My Love for Books

Life gets busy. Schedules and goals build cities to get lost in. Everyone’s reaction to my goals was more or less the same. After trudging through babies and sleepless nights to toddlers and the fear of setting a tantrum in motion, I came to point where I needed to carve out a piece for my career. Putting my aspirations aside was slowly driving me crazy.

Having a successful career has been important to me since grade school. I remember going to a career day with my aunt in Manhatten and thinking how impressive it all was. Soon after that, I found my love for writing stories.

Building a career and a family simultaneously can feel a bit like walking across a wire suspended thousands of feet in the air while holding a cat—perhaps that is slightly over dramatic—but, at moments it does get tough. There is only so much time in the daphotographer-527351_1920y, and, unfortunately, I’m human—which means I need down time to recharge. Scheduling every moment of the day on the calendar doesn’t mean that I’ll be that productive. (It was worth a try…or ten.)

So often slowing down, gets the results I rush for.  I’m gradually getting to a place in my career that I’ve wanted to be for a while. I think that excepting the process is a big part of this picture of betting on myself. I am a professional dreamer, and this realization took me awhile to accept. For a good chunk I was grabbing a broad range of writing gigs, all over the map. Which was an important journey for me. Sometimes I need something to smack me in the face, not tap me on the shoulder. I don’t want just to write anything. I am a creative writer; thinking in story arcs comes naturally. Building worlds, characters, and problems is my wheelhouse. It’s just convincing people that the stories I make up are worth their time and money is the tricky part. I’m still figuring it out. But, I love it, I love what I do, and I’m making it work. Putting the copywriting down and focusing solely on my creative writing career is helping me build the proper bridges. I’m heading in the right direction. Focus is the best tool. When I’m sitting down and writing, I feel like I should be doing nothing else. For someone who writes impossible to-do lists before going to sleep, this is a beautiful thing.

My whole relationship with books as a kid started when I realized that in a book, my childhood was a little bit more fun, a little bit more…everything better. To be able to give someone a needed escape with my stories is my ultimate goal. I want to give back to the world of books because it has given me so much.

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