Juggling dogs, imaginary people, and reading logs.

Becoming master of my schedule has been a long term goal of mine for some time. I write for a living. Even though I work with many others and have certain deadlines, my actual work schedule is up to me. Working from home is (and still continues to be) challenging. It’s awesome that I have a job where I can go to my kids classroom and help out. I wear Christmas tree pajama pants to meetings. I’m able to walk my dogs throughout the day. I’m living a lifestyle that I wanted and love but found out quickly managing my own time was going to be the difference between me succeeding and pulling my hair out.

It can be a struggle to maintain schedules. This is just a life fact. But, it is a must. I can’t achieve anything I need to, without organization. I’m juggling four different projects at different stages, and that requires separate working sessions. I started planning out just a week at a time. First, the overall goals for each project, then a detailed action plan. I then spread out these tasks throughout my week. I found it helped only to write down the details for the day before. This way if I get derailed (life does that), I won’t have to move a bunch of stuff around. Occasionally I need to carry stuff over, but not as much as I expected to. It can be challenging to feel like I’m accomplishing goals. I make up stories and then ask people to pay me for them. Writing out of the house is a gig that can easily lead to feeling a bit wound tight and completely undone at the same time. (Totally not complaining, just stating that itself needs managing.)

Learning to work in my head is another tool that I’ve been utilizing. With two elementary-school-aged kids, three dogs, and a house, I get interrupted, have errands coming out of my ears, and just generally have a lot of other stuff I like to keep in order. I’ve found ways that I was think of characters plots, or blog posts while I’m doing other things. Walking the dogs is an awesome way to bounce thoughts around. I just to need to, of course, be careful not to edit my thoughts until they are words on paper.

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