Talking to the Shadows

“I’ve been thinking about perspective quite a bit,” she said looking to the night sky.

“Be aware,” he whispered. His shadow danced on the brick wall beside her.

“Of what, in particular should I be aware of?” The girl asks, her voice only a whisper.

“The spiraling effect of ripples,” he says.

“Ripples are caused by everything.”

“Stone throwing should never be don’t without care.”

“What if I kick one in by accident?” She says this, then kicks a loose pebble by her foot.

“Then, there will be accidental ripples.” He responds plainly.

The wind rushed passed her face. Everything went dark for moment, then she could see the rough outline of the mysterious being again. She wasn’t quite sure how long they had been talking for but she was certain nothing of any good was happening.

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