A Break Up Without A Beginning (using dialogue to work out character voice and plots)

I have been trying to get a deeper feel for the backstory of my two main characters for this YA project I’m in the early stages of. I was tinkering will different tones by replaying a scene that happened in Molly’s past. I had fun with this exercise.

“I can’t with you anymore. Get back to your party,” he says with a flat tone. Kyle starts walking to his car. My heart sinks down to my feet.

“Don’t just walk away, Kyle.” I say this in tears. My arms hang at my sides in defeat.

He stopped but didn’t turn around. Kyle shrugged his shoulders as he began to walk again.

I said nothing else for there wasn’t nothing else to say. He was done. I wouldn’t beg, certainly not for something I was uncertain I even wanted. Pride was a real thing. I was mad at him for being fed up with me. Anger that he turned out to be a jerk boiled in my veins. When I was mad it took over my whole being. I wasn’t just finding it out then of course. This was something I had known for a good three months before that night at Tanner’s party.

Tears built up quickly in my eyes. I mean, of course they did. I stood their (feeling a little helpless) and watched him leave. I didn’t say, “Don’t go. I want to make this work. You mean a lot to me.”

Nope. I said nothing. I was hurt and angry.

When his obnoxious muffler roared down the street I took a seat on the front steps of my house. The chorus of drunken laughter fades further into the background. I wasn’t ready to go inside and face questions and opinions. I needed to stew in my sadness.

There are few feelings like being dumped by someone I was instantly crazy about. Sure, I learned things. We weren’t really a fit, not really. But, that didn’t matter. No, at that moment my world was crumbled and crack. He just walked away from me. I wished I did a million things I didn’t do.

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