Character Creation (light rambling)

book-clouds-873442_1280I have been working on a new young adult novel, one that is separate from my current series with Booktrope. I found myself ( as usual) getting hung up in the middle, so I stepped out of the storyline and focused on my main characters—this is something I do each time I find myself scratching my head. Allowing the characters to lead me is preferred but sometimes I need to focus on the characters solely to allow them to guide me. (The gut feeling of, “No that’s not right,” also helps.)


Dirty blond hair and blue eyes.

Plays the guitar

Lives across the street from the protagonist (Stevie)-name work in progress

Juvenile detention center for stealing a car to take to the beach with protagonist (beginning scenes)

Working at a music store and trying to save enough scratch to skip town.

Stevie- (not sure about the name)

Perpetual doodler. Always has a notebook on her.

Prefers to walk around her problems but a vey loyal person.

She’s working hard at school, hoping it helps get her away from her current life

Searching for her individual self not herself as part of anything she’s known

Those are both just the beginnings of very long lists of tid-bits of appearance, goals, personality, backstory, and a whole bunch of really little but very significant things. Characters are people, so it is really important that they go deeper then just where the story highlights. I often find that zoning out and letting the words make the list goes where it does. Words are necessary for writing a story. A larger percentage of the words I write never get seen by anyone but me, though, all of it mattered.

Books and houses share a strong need for a well thought out foundation.

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