stepping too far without a handle (A Story Unwritten)

“Where are you going?” His eyes squinted down with concern.

My heart hung heavy in my chest. Was this really happening? Did I screw all of this up? Without fight my eyes flew to the large, white clock in the center of the otherwise uneventful wall. It was almost five. Dillion was going to start wondering what was taking me so long.

“Is he waiting for you?” Peter’s voice came out soft and smooth. He knows me so well. How easy was can forget what we know so well. The air conditions everywhere are forced to work way too hard and nowhere is truly cool, except the movie theatre. I didn’t want to go meet Dillion. I wasn’t ready to leave with alternate world I’ve found. The garden beyond the gate.

Want to go to the movies with me?” I ask with a smiling forming on my lips. “Let’s stay here a little longer, okay?” I reach out and grab his hand. With relief he doesn’t pull away.

Peter smiles. My stomach knots loosen slightly. “What movie?” He asks with his voice held with same softness.

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