“What happens when you come to the end of the river?” A small brown rabbit looked up at the clouds.

“It never comes. This river goes on indefinitely.” The wind spoke quietly between breaths.

“How is that possible?” The rabbit asks.

“How could something that great possibly end,” said the wind.

Outrunning Madness

forest-660324_1280The path curved with the steep mountainside and the wind took hold of my hair. This was the only way to fix it. I had to keep going. There comes a point where we all reach the point of no return—then the battle starts. Leaving a city in ruin is never uncomplicated, but what else was there to do? Power gets cold and furious—it can  take all of us at any point. I am running for now but I’m not sure how long till the blizzard reaches me. Maybe, just maybe I can outrun it.

stepping too far without a handle (A Story Unwritten)

“Where are you going?” His eyes squinted down with concern.

My heart hung heavy in my chest. Was this really happening? Did I screw all of this up? Without fight my eyes flew to the large, white clock in the center of the otherwise uneventful wall. It was almost five. Dillion was going to start wondering what was taking me so long.

“Is he waiting for you?” Peter’s voice came out soft and smooth. He knows me so well. How easy was can forget what we know so well. The air conditions everywhere are forced to work way too hard and nowhere is truly cool, except the movie theatre. I didn’t want to go meet Dillion. I wasn’t ready to leave with alternate world I’ve found. The garden beyond the gate.

Want to go to the movies with me?” I ask with a smiling forming on my lips. “Let’s stay here a little longer, okay?” I reach out and grab his hand. With relief he doesn’t pull away.

Peter smiles. My stomach knots loosen slightly. “What movie?” He asks with his voice held with same softness.

Listening to Taking Back Sunday

The lights were dimmed and even though it was on purpose it was still alluring. Everything about this moment added to the excitement. Our fingers were intertwined; our hands rested between our legs. My eyes were glued to the music video but my mind was on him. There are moments were I could just explode with anticipation. So it seems for exactly like a moment like this. The noise from downstairs travels toward us and reminds me aren’t alone. We are friends. My mind has been cruel lately. He sees me as the girl across the street that used to ride baseball cards with. This isn’t that situation anymore. The thing about trouble is that it finds other trouble.

But this….

No this feels right.  I’ll stay here for awhile.

inspired by you (A Story Unwritten)

“I was nervous, there was no way around it.” -Molly

“You make the choice about who you are.” -Peter

There are two characters that have been popping up during free writing session for some time now. Small glimpses would pass by in a rush but always leave a new clue behind. I’ve been paying attention though because they felt felt important. A wave of realization hit me a few weeks ago and now I’m knee deep and half way through the first draft of the outline.

Molly dreams in possibilities and Peter is a lost cause to everyone but Molly.

“Truth is in what happens.” I said to him. His hand was in my hair. Losing myself feels like the best and worst thing to do.

A Character’s Path (plot building and protagonist creation)

Here it goes:

Character’s name: Paige (Last name unknown)

Appearance: Paige has long chestnut brown hair that she usually wears up in a messy bun. A well kept appearance isn’t something that ranks in this world. Her eyes are a pale blue and her pale skin is scattered with freckles. I would say that Paige is roughly 5 foot six inches. Food is hard to find and she travels great distances on foot so I’d say Paige is underweight but athletic due to her lifestyle.

Time period: Need to think on that more but the story definitely takes place  in a post apocalyptic future in the northwest of the U.S.

Does Paige have a special ability?




Weapon proficiency?


What weapon?





Need to think further on this. Kick it around. Come back to it after more personality findings.

What is Paige’s goal?

To find someone.








Hmmm. Who is Paige looking for?

A friend. Her best friend. The closest thing she has to a family. Keira. (working name, come back to her later)

What happened to Keira?

Someone took her form their camp.



Don’t know if I want to get into all that.

Is there some sort of slave trade going on in this future?


Lets get into some about this world Paige is living in. Why is the world in ruins?

The sun is slowly dying. The government fell a long time ago. Some neighborhoods formed private militias,  many fell. War’s ensued, gangs and other criminal organizations grew more powerful. Riots, destroyed cities, and most are out for their survival. Everywhere is permanent winter.

Back to the weapon.

Definitely a machete. Relying on a weapon in need of ammunition is an unstable source of protection plus it’s incredibly cold outside.

Food is scarce.

Paige has a companion from the beginning.

Another person?

Not at first but she meets someone on the way to find Kiera. (go back to that)

No Paige has another companion from the beginning or at least early on.

A dog.

A large mix breed male. Come back to dog’s name.

Kiera crossed the wrong people. She stole goods or borrowed them? Think about it.

Paige has no idea what they are gonna to do her.

Keira being taken is the first plot point.

Act one will be brief but detailed about what the world is like and also a good idea why it’s that way.

Have the readers spend time with Kiera and Paige before taking Keira away.

Paige gets the dog after Kiera is taken.

Hold old is Paige?

Seventeen? Maybe but I’ll go with that for right now.

Paige saves someone from being killed, a guy, Trevor. He was being beaten with blunt objects outnumber by six. Sarcastic and cocky. Paige doesn’t want company on her journey but Trevor comes along anyway. I can have fun with back and forth with that dynamic.

Need to really think about the different elements of people and the weather condition. Everything is dying, shelter is a must, and people are panicked.

I’m thinking their might be some really dark element in the group that took Kiera but still not sure I want it to be cannibalism. Think about what benefit they would get from Kiera. They are traders. They steal people and trade them for food, weapons, and other supplies. More details for who they are trading people too—some real scary scumbags.

Within the first couple chapters the readers know Keira stole from the traders and Paige flips. They were starving. Kiera felt she had no choice.

Well, that is an example of some of the very early stages in my process. I’ll  do this until I feel like I have enough to start an outline. More details will come out when I start drawing up scenes. Crazy stuff appears from the corners on that stage.

Anyway, that was fun. I’m gonna sign off and catch up on Agents of Shield. I have twenty more minutes of the episode left and I need to watch it so I’m no longer afraid to accidentally bump into how all that awesomeness was resolved.

Until next time.


Molly- entry 2 (a story unwritten)

I can stop sometimes to look around. More times than not I’m not sure what I’m looking at. Hours turn to days, then years build and have a way of blending all the moments together. Lines get smudged. Colors fade. I can look back to see mistakes clearly—mistakes I couldn’t see while I was making them. I suppose that is part of life. Falling in head first only to get smashed down and taken for a fool. Cynical I suppose but I’m not feeling very hopeful—not in a glass is half full  kind of mood. I’ve been lost for too long in a world I don’t understand. Walls build upon secrets—secrets that are most likely lies. The sky keeps getting darker. I know it sounds strange but it’s true, it’s real. Something has change. It is currently changing. I didn’t know where I was going when I left two years ago. I still don’t know. I know I can’t be on that side of the city. I am not one of them. Trying to blend in was getting dangerous…I wish I could say I knew where I belonged. I don’t know what I am. How I’m suppose to find answers?

I’m hungry and cold. It’s been weeks since I’ve slept through the night. How can I? What’s preventing any walk of life to end me? Nothing. My powers don’t help there. I wish I could find a place to be, even it’s just for a little while. Travis walked away mad—I don’t blame him. It’s been four days. I don’t think he’s coming back.